St. Bernard State Park is located downriver from New Orleans, LA. It’s about an 18 mile drive from the park to the French Quarter. Troop 97 in Homewood took a trip in 2017 to the National World War II Museum for a schools out trip and used the St. Bernard State Park as our base.

It’s not a very large park but there is a plenty of room for a troop. The park contains a network of man-made lagoons and it makes an “island” that is great for a troop. Right across the bridge, there is a large pavilion for rent. There are two sets of bathrooms in the immediate area and a full shower facility in the RV campground which is a short walk away.

The lagoon contains some small alligators, it is Louisiana after all. If you go during the warm months, be prepared for the bugs as soon as the sun goes down. It will send everyone to bed early.

Great place to camp, we had a great time!


St. Bernard State Park
501 St. Bernard Parkway
Braithwaite, LA 70040