If you and your people love smores but don’t like making them over a fire, this recipe is for you. It’s also good if you have a lot to make and you need to make and have them served at the same time. This worked well for a Cub Scout campout with around 100 cubs, their parents, and siblings. No one had to wait for their smore.


  • One Graham Cracker split in half (it makes a square)
  • Hershey Chocolate Bars
  • Marshmallow
  • Aluminum foil


  • Split the graham cracker in half to make two equal squares.
  • Add chocolate to cover the bottom
  • Add marshmallows
  • Top with cracker
  • Wrap in foil
  • Heat and serve

You can now place them around the campfire or on a grate over the campfire to melt the insides. I recommend heavy-duty foil if you are going to do it this way. Or throw them on a hot griddle and flip to heat all sides. You can use the thinner food service foil sheets if you do it this way.

Photo and more directions can be found at https://jenaroundtheworld.com/blackstone-griddle-recipes-smores/