When I was a Cubmaster, we always worried about the kids around the campfire, and smores were a big problem. It was a very popular activity and treat, but the kids would set the marshmallow on fire and then start swinging the stick to put out the fire. This just turned the molten marshmallow into a projectile that would inevitably land on another child’s arm or leg, burning them. We found S’mores in a cone to be a great alternative.


  • Ice cream cones (waffle or sugar cones tend to stand up to the heat better than cake cones)
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate chips (you probably want full sweet, not semi-sweet chocolate)
  • Any other items you might like in your cone, such as peanut butter chips (always aware of allergies), M&Ms, gummies, etc.

Mix the chocolate and marshmallow in the cones and stuff them to the top. Roll the cone and ingredients in a piece of aluminum foil. If you have access to the precut food service style sheets, these work great.

You can lay the foil packets around the fire until they melt. An easier way is to roll them around the top of a griddle, so they don’t get hit by direct flame.

Once the ingredients are melted, open the top and enjoy.