Each Campsite is equipped with a flagpole, trashcan, faucet, and latrine (Except Eagle and Mountain Goat) with washbasin. On the side of the latrine is a bulletin board that the troop can use to post assignments, notices, and duty rosters. Camp Comer has two air- conditioned shower and restroom facilities for camp-wide use. Patrol sites are pre- established in each campsite. Most Campsites have some Adarondaks that sleep four and tents on platforms that sleep two. Some sites may be occupied by more than one troop.

Troops are encouraged to construct gateways to their campsites. The Hawk Campsite is a HANDICAPPED ONLY site; if you do not have a scout or leader that is handicapped that site will not be available.


16490 County Road 89
Mentone, AL 35984-2323

Summer Camp at Camp Comer