Camp Jack Wright is owned and operated by the Greater Alabama Council. It is located in the Roupes Valley, adjacent to Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park. The valley is in the Alabama natural region known as the Ridge and Valley province. This section of the state is the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. Camp Jack Wright’s hallmark is its rugged natural beauty. The camp is nestled in and on several sandstone ridges dominated by a forest of Chestnut Oak, White Oak, Black Oak, Southern Red Oak, Hickory species and a few assorted Pines. Wildlife is plentiful, including deer and turkey. All of this combined with the area’s abundant history, make Camp Jack Wright a great location for traditional Boy Scout camping.

Facilities / Resources
Camp Jack Wright is 40 acres contiguous to the 1500-acre Tannehill State Park. Together they form a 1540-acre nature and historical preserve, perfect for camping, hiking and other recreational activities. Camp Jack Wright is a primitive area ideal for weekend camping year-round. The camp has been designed for “low impact” camping to preserve the natural esthetics of the property. Facilities include: the “Chief” Zack Cross Council Ring, four troop sites with shelters, a central parking / activity area, permanent orienteering course and activity pavilion. Water may be obtained at spigots near the activity pavilion. Garbage is disposed of at the Tannehill trash dumpster. Access to Camp Jack Wright is from Tannehill State Park.

Campsite Facilities & Amenities

Distance from Parking Lot

Site # 1 (C. W. Sellers)
latrine, fire ring, picnic table and 12×16 pavilion

Site # 2 (Doc Baker)
latrine, two fire rings, two picnic tables and two 12×16 pavilions

Site # 3 (Jim Lewis)
latrine, fire ring, picnic table and 12×16 pavilion

Site # 4 (Byron Wilson)
latrine, fire ring, picnic table and 12×16 pavilion

NOTE: Distances measured from the parking lot camp dedication monument to campsite pavilion. Linear measurement made by U.S. foot

Reservations are required and can be made by contacting the Greater Alabama Council Service Center nearest you. Do not contact Tannehill State Park regarding Camp Jack Wright reservations. The cost is one dollar per Scout / Scouter per night (payable to the Tannehill Park Ranger at gate on check-in). The Ranger will issue a key ($5.00 refundable deposit) and give directions to camp. Note: March through November there is no camping permitted on the third weekend of the month.