Words determine your destiny. Does that sound reasonable? Hold on.
Words, with enough repetition, whether silent, self-talk or spoken, produce attitudes.

Attitudes, with repetition, product habit patterns.
Habits, with reinforcement, produce character traits.
Character traits, with repetition, intensify to become destiny.
Thus, words determine your destiny.

“Wow”, you say, “how do I change undesirable attitudes, actions, habits or character traits?” The answer is obvious – with words.

You talk to yourself all the time. Much more than you talk to someone else. Try not talking to yourself. It is doubtful that you can completely block out your mind. You are thinking something…and that is self-talk.

The way we talk to ourselves can be constructive or it can be harmful. What you say and think can determine what you are, eel and do. Self-talk is reinforcing. Ailments can be reinforced by dwelling on them…and in the same way, success and effectiveness can be reinforced by concentrating on it.

Habits are important. You need them to function in this world. Without habits, your daily activities would be slowed down to a snail’s pace. Our emotional reactions and feelings depend on habit patterns. You can develop the constructive habit of thinking of yourself as a worthwhile, participating citizen with meaningful goals in life. Or you can think of yourself as a failure, a person of little worth. This all comes through self-talk. This is how you develop your self image. So watch your language.

You can develop habits which will improve your self image, how to feel successful, how to respect other people. You can develop the habit of profiting by mistakes, getting a sense of self direction. Driving toward your goals in spite of obstacles is the beginning of habit…for habit is repetition. Resentment is a vicious habit because it is a repetitious circle that never ends

It’s all up to you. The person you will be. You are the master of your own destiny and that destiny will be determined by your own words.