8 Easy Foil Pack Recipes to Take Your Camping Food to the Next Level

Get excited about eating more than just trail mix and jerky on your next camping trip — but that doesn’t mean you have to make fancy, elaborate cooking plans… Instead, find the middle ground and upgrade things while keeping it easy with foil-packed meals. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got some suggestions.

For each of these ideas, the “cooking” part is the same: Prep your food beforehand, wrap in a packet of parchment paper and foil (keep the foil on the outside), and place over the campfire coals or on the grill until the item is cooked through. You’ll also want to rotate the foil pack two or three times throughout the process to ensure even cooking. There you have it – your no-stress dinner is served, and you can get back to enjoying your camping trip.

Hot Dogs

You may think you have to roast a hot dog or veggie dog on a stick, but you’ll get better flavor from aromatic vegetables and seasoning your food inside the foil. Wrap a hot dog (all of ours have no synthetic nitrates added), a handful of onions, some sliced peppers, and a generous drizzle of barbeque sauce in your foil packet. Serve in Whole Foods Market™ Brioche Hot Dog Buns and garnish as desired. For a different flavor profile, swap barbeque sauce for white miso paste and jalapeño peppers – it will lend your hot dog an added kick of umami and heat.

Estimated cooking time: 15-20 minutes


Cinnamon Apples

By day three of camping, you’re probably tired of that apple and almond butter snack. Instead, use some extra apples to make these quick foil packs beforehand: Toss sliced, peeled apples with cinnamon, coconut oil and a touch of sugar, if you’d like. If you really feel like going wild, add powdered ginger or nutmeg.

Estimated cooking time: 30 minutes


Herby-Lemon Salmon

Who said flaky, flavor-packed fish can’t be campfire food? Marinate wild salmon fillets in extra-virgin olive oil, lemon juice, a few chopped garlic cloves and some Dijon mustard with whatever herbs you have on hand (parsley, dill, cilantro work especially well). Before sealing your packet, add a few slices of lemon and an extra glug of extra-virgin olive oil. Serve with one of the sides listed below, like Tex-Mex Sweet Potatoes, Cajun-inspired Corn or a veggie medley.

Estimated cooking time: 15-20 minutes


Tex-Mex Sweet Potatoes

Sure, you could roast your sweet potatoes and serve them whole and that would be fine, but why not consider something a little different? Combine roughly chopped sweet potatoes with thinly sliced scallions and diced poblano and bell peppers. For the last minute or two while they cook, you can also add a sprinkle of your favorite cheese or top with nutritional yeast. Making eggs for breakfast the next morning on your camping trip? Mix them with your leftover Tex-Mex Sweet Potatoes to make a quick hash.

Estimated cooking time: 25 minutes


Loaded Burgers

Campfire burgers are the best burgers. You can also sneak in sliced fresh bell peppers, zucchini and onions. To complete your dinner, serve your burger with veggies between and add on pickles and your favorite condiments. (May we suggest our exclusive, limited edition line of 365 Everyday Value® Gochujang condiments?)

Estimated cooking time: 10-15 minutes


Veggie Medley

Fresh, simply prepared veggies embody relaxed, summertime cooking. Some of our favorite combinations are zucchini, portobello mushrooms and cherry tomatoes or onions, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and basil. Add extra-virgin olive oil and season to taste.

Estimated cooking time: 20 minutes


Cajun-Inspired Corn

Toss corn on the cob in a foil packet with diced potatoes. Add whatever other veggies you’d like. Dust the corn with a mix of traditional Cajun seasoning like garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, oregano, sea salt and black pepper. Lastly, drizzle on extra-virgin olive oil or butter as desired.

Estimated cooking time: 20-30 minutes


S’mores Burrito

You can stay with the old stick-and-fire method, and that’s OK by us. But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about this worthwhile trick: Put your marshmallows, chocolate and crumbled graham crackers in flour tortillas, roll them up and wrap them in foil. It may be a riff on the go-to classic, but it could very well become your new summer tradition.

… of course, you don’t need to completely toss the trail mix and jerky – you’re going to need snacks, after all.