Camp Tekakwitha is a little slice of wilderness in St. Claire County, Alabama. It was purchased from Mrs. Ethel Owen Zuber in 1950 to create a summer camp for Catholic boys and girls. The camp was built under the leadership of Fr. John Brunson who selected the property, raised funding and oversaw construction. Fr. Brunson also became the first camp director. At it’s height, the camp had a capacity of 140 campers.

The Knights of Columbus have always been a big part of Camp Tekakwitha. From the very beginning they provided material support for the operation of the camp. As time went on and the Bishop decided to get out of summer camping the Knights picked up the ball and operated the camp. Taking full management responsibility, the Knights of Columbus State Council continued to serve Catholic youth for two years. For various reasons the camp was closed sometime around 1989.

In February of 2010 Bishop Robert Baker decided to begin the process of reopening the property as a location for Boy Scout camping and to provide the Kateri Circle a place to gather. The Kateri Circle is a group of Native American Catholics.

The camp is located in Southwest St. Claire County near Springville, Alabama. The property is not open to the public. Tours can be arranged but permission must be granted to enter the property – it is posted “No Trespassing.” In addition, there is no hunting on the property and fishing is only with express permission.


Scouting Groups

  • Scouting type youth groups may camp at Camp Tekakwitha under the following conditions:
  • Advanced permission and reservation is required. The property is posted “No Trespassing.” You must have permission before attempting to enter the property.
  • The camp provides primitive-style tent camping only. We do not allow RVs or campers. Participants are expected to park their vehicles and walk around the camp.
  • We are not a family camp. The property is open for Scout camping only. Camping groups must be affiliated with a recognized national Scouting association.
  • We have safe and good-tasting drinking water. However, the water faucet is in the central part of camp. You will need to carry water to your campsite. Bring your own container.
  • Each group must have an experienced adult in charge who can enforce camp rules.
  • Ground fires are strictly limited. Build fires only in places specifically approved for you.
  • Groups must be registered and in good standing with their respective national association.
  • Non-BSA groups must provide adequate documentation of insurance and child protection training status.
  • We have no garbage removal. All trash must be removed by campers
  • A small part of the property is “off limits.”
  • All participants are required to sign a special camp release form. This is in addition to any other permission form. Download the appropriate forms from this page.
  • The fee is $1.50 per person for a weekend campout. In addition, each group must be prepared to participate in a camp improvement project.
  • The fee is payable in advance or can be collected upon arrival at Camp. Make checks payable to Office for Youth.
  • More information is in the downloadable documents on their website.


Use the contact form on their website for more information.